Here is my concern: Simone wasn't throwing these huge skills at 13. She was learning her body, learning techniques, focusing on execution and becoming a mature athlete. NOW she can push the bounds of gymnastics because she has this solid foundation of the basics as well as the maturity to understand how to achieve the best result. This girl is extremely talented and has a lot of potential, but as we see time and time again, putting this much pressure and difficulty at this age leads to injury, mental blocks and a whole slew of other issues. I hope they don't push her too far
No. She’s the next Sabrina Voinea. Why do we have this need to make a talented athlete the next “so and so.” And it would be nice if we could chill with putting all the pressure of being the next big thing on these young gymnasts. I’m sure she has enough pressure from coaches and the program.
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Simone wasn’t doing these skills at 13 because her coaches were pacing her well. It’s all about timing. Romania better be careful or she’s going to burn out.
I just hope they are pacing her well enough for such a young girl, but she is incredibly talented!!!! ❤️
She’s very good for being so young, but her form needs ALOT of work
her back handspring shows me that they aren’t teaching her proper technique whatsoever and are only concerned with her throwing as many big skills as possible :\
Absolutely not. It's about safe, progressive skill development and technique. She is a very young girl who does very difficult elements. Simone herself didn't put all of her difficulties in until she reached senior year, and even so, it was a progressive development. It is interesting, because it speaks of a promising future for the Romanian program, but time will speak for itself.
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Okay, unlike a lot of you, I will make no comment on pacing or any thing in that nature. I'm not the coach, nor the athlete, nor have I ever trained with one. But, as a personal trainer, her legs do not seem to be strong enough for her to be throwing some of these skills on hard floors yet. The way she lands the double-double especially concerns me. Her poor knees...
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I hate all this, they did it before with "the next Nadia" and now "the next Simone." Nope. Nadia was Nadia, Simone is Simone and this girl is going to do wonderful things too. Stop comparing, it's so annoying.
Romania watching Sabrina: she’s going to be the next Simone Biles!!! The gymternet watching Sabrina: she’s not even going to make it to senior level if they carry on like this
Body type is completely different, I think it is a very bad idea to draw any comparison at such an early stage to such a historic person as Simone Biles. Doing so will only put undue pressure on this young lady to live up to expectations that may be out of her reach.
No one is the next Simone. There is only one Simone. I hate how people do that.
She is using poor technique to finish her skills. Sometimes she still lands short. I see this all the time on the boys' side. The guys who dominate as they get older are using impeccable technique with slightly easier skills when they are younger. Technique must be learned early. Muscle memory sets in makes it automatic. Learning it later is almost impossible.
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You can tell they aren’t really stressing technique. Bent knees and flexed feet and she’s landing low and while still twisting.
Yeah, not sure a 13 year old needs to carry the weight of social media expectations on her shoulder....
I feel like if she corrects her technique on her back handspring and extend it more she will definitely generate more power because her backhandspring looks pretty flat rn


Incompetenta! Coruptie! Rea vointa! ... ProTV, ca lider de audienta dovedeste inca o data Romaniei ca nu merita sa fie  apreciat de romani ca le reprezinta interesele. 
 Sabrina Voinea este probabil cea mai valoroasa gimnasta a  Romaniei!

04 iulie 2021
Marcel Vela a tăiat în carne vie în ultima zi din an. În videoconferinţa din această dimineaţă l-a demis pe șeful poliției din Vâlcea și i-a certat pe toți ceilalţi sefi de structuri din județ